There’s two sides to Michael Clifford!

In an interview with Shazam Top 20, the 5 Seconds of Summer guitar player revealed he has an alter ego named Huge Balls Man.

Like all superheroes, Huge Balls Man has an origin story. On a June 13th concert,on stage pyrotechnics burned the guitarist and from the ashes rose Michael Clifford more endowed than ever.

The Shazame Top 20 interviewer first uncovered the story, “You are the bravest guy ever…Spider-Man got bitten by a spider, ‘oh that sucks,’ but then he got a superpower. Do you now have a superpower?”

Clifford began, “I already had one…” but then drummer Ashton Irwin interrupted, “super huge balls.”

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The testicular titan elaborated, “It was the ability to have the largest balls on the planet. Now the fire has increased it. It happened instantly. My pants split on stage and I had to run off.”

Lead singer Luke Hemmings corroborated the claim, “They were already pretty big, but now after that…”

The interviewer chanted, “Show me your balls, show me your balls!”

But abiding by superhero code, Clifford could not transform into Huge Balls Man publicly.

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