Be who you are

After appearing on Good Morning America, she sat down with E! News to further set the record straight on a few things, particularly with regards to having slept with Nick Viall way before the fantasy suites.

First of all, the only message she’s trying to send is to just “be yourself.”

“Be who you are, and true to yourself,” she says in the video above. “I’m not saying you have to have sex in your relationship, or you shouldn’t, or you should. I’m just wanting people to see that you should be who you are, and that’s who I am.”

“It blows my mind,” she says of what she sees as a double standard. “I think something happened in an ocean once and it was just brushed over, because it was the guy.”

Of course, Kaitlyn’s referring to Juan Pablo Galavis’ infamous dip in the ocean with Clare Crawley, which was a weird moment, but definitely wasn’t treated as scandalously as this incident has been.

While it wasn’t entirely clear during the episode, she wants to make it known yet again that she has no regrets about the act itself. All of her tears were for the multiple other men she was dating at the time.

“I was upset that I could have jeopardized other relationships that meant something to me,” she says.

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When asked if that was in fact the case, Kaitlyn nods.

“Yeah, I think even kissing can sometimes jeopardize other relationships,” she says. “It’s tough when you have chemistry with someone for them to understand that you’re still dating ten other guys.”

“Everyone always thinks like, oh tough life, you have to date ten guys, and I’m like no, it’s actually very challenging,” she continues. “It’s really tough.”

She also clarifies a bit of confusion as to whether she kept her mic on when things got steamy in her hotel room.

“I didn’t have my mic on, but I’m still aware that cameras can pick that up.”

Regardless of however anyone may be judging her after last night’s episode, Kaitlyn wants everyone to know that she’s not a bad person.

“I have a good heart, and I want to empower women where I don’t say you should have sex or you shouldn’t have sex, I’m just saying be true to who you are.”

As for whether she found love at the end of the season, she couldn’t say, but she could smile coyly and admit, “I am very happy.”

Hopefully that’s true, because anyone who has to go on what is basically a national press tour to talk in depth about one hook-up deserves some happiness in the end.

Watch the video above to find out what advice Kaitlyn would give to other women (and to her younger self) and then head to the comments to discuss.

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